Monday, October 27, 2008

Paylist: Productive Confusion - 10/20/2008

2nd Ann. Budgies Burritos Show - Photo by Ryan Walter Wagner (October 2008)

Here are the details of last week's pre-recorded show as well as the download links. Started things off with The Doer who hail from Vancouver B.C. They've played in Windsor a couple of times to rave reviews. They have a quick bouncy indie-pop sound that I really dig. Check them out the next time they're down. Remember you can always tune in live Monday's from 2:30pm-4:00pm on 91.5FM in Windsor -Detroit; & Worldwide at

The Doers - Quality Products At Affordable Prices
The Doers - Bossy Pants
The Doers - Art For $
Dante - Squak & Roll
The Gutter Twins - The Body
Six-Too - Jackels & Vipers Pt.9
Steve Dawson - At Arms Length
These Arms Are Snakes - Deer Lodge
Flying Lotus - Pet Monster Shot Glass
My Dad Vs. Yours - Canyons (Grand Or Otherwise)
Black Flag - My Ghetto
Peter Projects - Introduction To Magnetism
The Superfantastics - Van Gogh
Download - Sidewinder
Aesop Rock - Getaway Car
Whirlwind Heat - The Bone
Whirlwind Heat - The Meat Packers
Whirlwind Heat - No Gums
Whirlwind Heat - H is O
Flobots - Combat
The Bled - Red Wedding
Skinny Puppy - Daddyuwarbash
Johnny West - Mismatched Socks
Felix Da Housecat - Monkey Cage
MF Grimm - Half Baked
CPC Gangbangs - Coke Blues
Intercom - Electroluxe

Downloads (Expiry Date: 11/19/08):

(Scroll Through The First 30 Minutes To Get To Productive Confusion)

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