Saturday, February 6, 2010

Playlist: Productive Confusion - 02/01/2010

Here's the playlist from this week's show. Big thanks to Jay Merrow of Make Me Young for a great interview. They play tonight at The Phog Lounge in downtown Windsor. Definitely a show worth checking out. For more details, click here.

Travis RietsmaFactory Gates
CorboeScenic Route
Deadmau5This Noise
Make Me YoungFat Worms
Make Me YoungThe Materialist
Make Me YoungLast Call
Make Me YoungThe Optimist
Make Me YoungTrainwreck Samantha
Make Me YoungMaking Babies
Make Me YoungThe Nihilist
Tyburn TreeRed Giant/White Dwarf
Tyburn TreeLaika
Lake Of StewWait For Your Knock
Jake One/MF DoomTrap Door
Jake One/Young BuckDead Wrong
Hot ChipBrothers
PelicanWhat We All Come To Need

Download HERE.

Monday, February 1, 2010


Tune In! Cjam Fm-->CJAM.CA/99.1FM Windsor-Detroit Today (2:30pm-4:00pm) & Hear A Spotlight On Toronto's Make MeYoung. We'll be talking with the band's Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist Jay Merrow.

Some Words From A Recent Article I Wrote For WAMM Magazine's 'The Windsor Scene':

Start the month off right with Toronto
’s Make Me Young, whose members include Amherstburg natives Jay Merrow and Patrick Greenaway. The band returns to The Phog Lounge with their self-titled debut full-length offering on Saturday, February 6th. Make Me Young are difficult to describe: with three vocalists and a seemingly endless melange of styles, from punk to pop, experimental, rock, folk and more, this is an act that cannot be pegged down. Their song ‘The Nihilist’ is full of punky, thrashy wildness, followed up by ‘The Receptionist’ which could be described as the best Metric song that Metric never wrote, performed or even dreamed of. Interesting lyrics, inspired rhythms, innovative songwriting, we can’t say enough good things about Make Me Young here at the Windsor Scene. Joining them on stage is Amherstburg’s synth-punk four piece Muzzin who always bring a fun and energetic live performance and have been for years. Not a show to be missed.

The Hiatus Is Back Off Again.

So.... I SUCK at blogging and have not lived up to my goals for this blog at all. My shit is weak and I'm sorry... Good thing only an approximate 56 people have visited the site anyways.... I'm not going to make any excuses besides the one I've already given (M.E.-->Sucking) But I will tell you that I'm trying to change. Starting today, I am actually, really, totally give this blogging thing the attention it deserves. 1.3 posts a day.... 40 posts a month.... 480 posts one year from today. Wish me luck?