Monday, October 27, 2008

Paylist: Productive Confusion - 10/20/2008

2nd Ann. Budgies Burritos Show - Photo by Ryan Walter Wagner (October 2008)

Here are the details of last week's pre-recorded show as well as the download links. Started things off with The Doer who hail from Vancouver B.C. They've played in Windsor a couple of times to rave reviews. They have a quick bouncy indie-pop sound that I really dig. Check them out the next time they're down. Remember you can always tune in live Monday's from 2:30pm-4:00pm on 91.5FM in Windsor -Detroit; & Worldwide at

The Doers - Quality Products At Affordable Prices
The Doers - Bossy Pants
The Doers - Art For $
Dante - Squak & Roll
The Gutter Twins - The Body
Six-Too - Jackels & Vipers Pt.9
Steve Dawson - At Arms Length
These Arms Are Snakes - Deer Lodge
Flying Lotus - Pet Monster Shot Glass
My Dad Vs. Yours - Canyons (Grand Or Otherwise)
Black Flag - My Ghetto
Peter Projects - Introduction To Magnetism
The Superfantastics - Van Gogh
Download - Sidewinder
Aesop Rock - Getaway Car
Whirlwind Heat - The Bone
Whirlwind Heat - The Meat Packers
Whirlwind Heat - No Gums
Whirlwind Heat - H is O
Flobots - Combat
The Bled - Red Wedding
Skinny Puppy - Daddyuwarbash
Johnny West - Mismatched Socks
Felix Da Housecat - Monkey Cage
MF Grimm - Half Baked
CPC Gangbangs - Coke Blues
Intercom - Electroluxe

Downloads (Expiry Date: 11/19/08):

(Scroll Through The First 30 Minutes To Get To Productive Confusion)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Paylist: Productive Confusion - 10/13/2008

Started off today's show with some Miwa Gemini today, she played at The Phog Lounge here in Windsor last week. What a great performer, she captivated the small Tuesday night crowd with her bluesy, folky sounds. This talent from Brooklyn and of japanese descent is one to watch out for. You'll notice today's show has a lot of bands who just have or will be playing in the area soon. I'm trying to make up for the fact I put out zero post last week. Yikes! I owe this blog like 7 posts... soon my friends... soon.

Here are the details of today's show as well as the download links. Remember you can always tune in live Monday's from 2:30pm-4:00pm on 91.5FM in Windsor -Detroit; & Worldwide at

Miwa Gemini - Travelin Man
Miwa Gemini - Charlie Chaplin Broke My Heart
Nathan Moomaw - October
The Bronx - Gun Without Bullets
Akrobatik/Mr.Lif - Beast Mode
Bush Chemists - Dark Dub
Lesbo Vrouven - Ship
Machine Drum/Johnny Cash - Belshazzar
Mother Mother - Train Of Thought
Mother Mother - Verbatim
The Locusts Have No King - Trench Song
Holyfuck - Bontempi Latin
Ghislain Poirier/Abdominal - City Walkin'
Legion Of Green Men - Kiqbaq
Legion Of Green Men - Blowbaq
Keepin' 6 - Look @ What You Got
The Nice Device - Perfect Date
The Horrorpops - Copenhagen Refugee
Wal Martian - Harvard Mouth
Subtractive Lad - Spoiled Honey

Downloads (Expiry Date: 11/12/08):
1: Through The First 30 Minutes To Get To Productive Confusion)


Monday, October 6, 2008

Playlist: Productive Confusion - 10/06/2008

Image by Agraphia, 2007.

HOO- WAH! What a week this is going to be! So much goodness, I'm way too stoked. First things first, I started off today's from Die Badder Meinhoff/Red Army Faction's debut full-length record. It's simply incredible (if you enjoy a thick violent industrial sound). Expect a full review this week. Second things second, there are a ton of great shows this week (expect a detailed list on tuesday). Hopefully we can get some quality coverage on here for you to, like and audio interview or something transcribed, maybe some videos and photos... I think that as time passes you'll see that we are putting more and more into the blog that we call WD-40.
Here are the details of today's show as well as the download links. Remember you can always tune in live Monday's from 2:30pm-4:00pm on 91.5FM in Windsor -Detroit; & Worldwide at

Die Badder Meinhoff Gruppe/Red Army Faction - IED
Die Badder Meinhoff Gruppe/Red Army Faction - LSD-25
The Peace Leeches - Dream Machine
The Flaming Lips - If I Only Had A Brain
Percee P & Aesop Rock - The Dirt & Filth
Robbie Fulks - I Like Being Left Alone
The Cancerbats - PMA Til' I'm DOA
Young and Sexy - Satelite
iNSiDEaMiND - Yellow, Orange and Red Lightning
Deerhoof - Fresh Born
Madlib - I Want it Back
Make Me Young - The Materialist
The Carps - All The Damn Kids
Tomcat Combat - Black Belt LA
Jake One - Get'er Done
Clark - Ache of The North
Billy Bragg - Something Happened
Gravemaker - Wreckage
Gravemaker - Dusk To Dawn
Murs - Everything
Stnnng - Grand island Neb

Downloads (Expiry Date: 11/05/08):
(Scroll Through The First 30 Minutes To Get To Productive Confusion)


Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Art of the Oud

Remembering Munir Bashir and the Baghdad Conservatory of Music
Tonight - 8PM @ The Rockham Auditorium (915 East Washington Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48109)

This looks great, not having a car stops me from seeing a lot of great stuff in the area. I really wish there was a better public transit system to visit the suburbs of Detroit. Oh well, just because I can't doesn't mean you shouldn't. Here's a blurb I snagged from the University Musical Society's website (
Oud player Munir Bashir (1930-1997) was one of the most famous musicians in the Middle East
during the 20th century. His 1972 album, The Art of the ‘Ud, brought worldwide acclaim to the oud as a solo instrument, distinguished by a novel style of improvisation that reflected his study of Indian and European music. Born in Mosul, Bashir studied at the famous Baghdad Conservatory from age six and migrated to Budapest in the early 1960s. He returned to Iraq for several years, where he championed traditional Iraqi folk music and taught at the Baghdad
Conservatory, before returning to Hungary after the First Gulf War.
The Baghdad Conservatory was the preeminent institution for studying the unique Iraqi style of oud performance and Iraqi maqam. In 2004, the Conservatory was bombed, and many of its faculty and students fled the country, threatening the continuation of the Iraqi oud tradition.
This performance celebrates the opening of the Performing Arts of the Arab World series and the end of Ramadan. Paying tribute to the legacy of Munir Bashir and the Baghdad Conservatory of Music, as well as the historic Iraqi maqam tradition, the concert features Munir Bashir’s son, Omar and Rahim AlHaj. Iraq’s most distinguished female singer, Farida, who studied at the Baghdad Conservatory, also performs with the Iraqi Maqam Ensemble. “This concert is only a small token of our deep gratitude and appreciation for Munir Bashir, a true hero of the 20th century,” says AlHaj. “He was a wonderful musician and human being, who will be present in our lives, hearts, and music.”

Friday, October 3, 2008

We Like You Humans 6

Tonight In The 'D' @ The Works (1846 Michigan Ave, Detroit)


Machinedrum live (m3rck) NYC
Jimmy Edgar live (warp,detund) NYC
Flashbulb live (sublight) CHICAGO

brian kagecorbin
nidaproject 313
miss teksubmental
+ some other humans.




Thursday, October 2, 2008

Satch & Duke Forever - It Pays To Be Young

TONIGHT - 10PM @ The Phog Lounge (157 UniversityAve W)
Music from Ellington's Cotton Club and Jungle Band...Armstong's Hot Five's and Decca Recordings (1925 - 1935). Ray Manzerolle, Hugh Leal, Jim Wyse, Brian Delaney, and Jack Drobko play the night away. FREE for anyone UNDER 30 Years Old. The band wants to introduce this music to the young folks, and without having to pay cover, the proper incentive is there.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Windsor Shows This Thursday To Sunday

October 2nd - 10PM
@ The Chubby Pickle (762 Ouellette Ave , Windsor)

Square Root Of Margaret
October 3rd - 10PM
@ The Phog Lounge (157 Ouellette Ave, Windsor)

October 4th - 10PM
@The Phog Lounge (157 University Ave. West)
W/ The Mindframes

Oct.4th - 10PM
@ The Coach and Horses (156 Chatham St W, Windsor)
W/ Glasgow Grin, Necropsy & Born Dead

Chad Howson
October 4th - 8PM
@ Taloola Cafe ( 396 Devonshire Rd,Windsor)
Free/All Ages

Modern Day Slacker...

So, it's week two and we're already somehow slightly behind here at WD-40. Not trying to make excuses, but the weekend was crazy. I worked for the Farenheit Festival that I posted about last week, it took a a lot out of me. It was unreal; probably one of the coolest and most tiring things I've ever done. 28 hours of building and burning 16 sculptures in a span of two days. Kudos to Artcite Inc. (, they really did a great job of putting the whole thing together.

Here's a photo of me burning one of the sculptures with the rest of firestarter team (I'm on the far left with torch in hand):

Photo By: Darren Bonnici

Back to what I was saying, yes, we are slightly behind, but expect some posts today about windsor-detroit concert listings of notes as well as a really cool free event on Thursday.