Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Paylist: Productive Confusion - 10/13/2008

Started off today's show with some Miwa Gemini today, she played at The Phog Lounge here in Windsor last week. What a great performer, she captivated the small Tuesday night crowd with her bluesy, folky sounds. This talent from Brooklyn and of japanese descent is one to watch out for. You'll notice today's show has a lot of bands who just have or will be playing in the area soon. I'm trying to make up for the fact I put out zero post last week. Yikes! I owe this blog like 7 posts... soon my friends... soon.

Here are the details of today's show as well as the download links. Remember you can always tune in live Monday's from 2:30pm-4:00pm on 91.5FM in Windsor -Detroit; & Worldwide at http://www.cjam.ca/.

Miwa Gemini - Travelin Man
Miwa Gemini - Charlie Chaplin Broke My Heart
Nathan Moomaw - October
The Bronx - Gun Without Bullets
Akrobatik/Mr.Lif - Beast Mode
Bush Chemists - Dark Dub
Lesbo Vrouven - Ship
Machine Drum/Johnny Cash - Belshazzar
Mother Mother - Train Of Thought
Mother Mother - Verbatim
The Locusts Have No King - Trench Song
Holyfuck - Bontempi Latin
Ghislain Poirier/Abdominal - City Walkin'
Legion Of Green Men - Kiqbaq
Legion Of Green Men - Blowbaq
Keepin' 6 - Look @ What You Got
The Nice Device - Perfect Date
The Horrorpops - Copenhagen Refugee
Wal Martian - Harvard Mouth
Subtractive Lad - Spoiled Honey

Downloads (Expiry Date: 11/12/08):
1: Through The First 30 Minutes To Get To Productive Confusion)


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