Monday, October 6, 2008

Playlist: Productive Confusion - 10/06/2008

Image by Agraphia, 2007.

HOO- WAH! What a week this is going to be! So much goodness, I'm way too stoked. First things first, I started off today's from Die Badder Meinhoff/Red Army Faction's debut full-length record. It's simply incredible (if you enjoy a thick violent industrial sound). Expect a full review this week. Second things second, there are a ton of great shows this week (expect a detailed list on tuesday). Hopefully we can get some quality coverage on here for you to, like and audio interview or something transcribed, maybe some videos and photos... I think that as time passes you'll see that we are putting more and more into the blog that we call WD-40.
Here are the details of today's show as well as the download links. Remember you can always tune in live Monday's from 2:30pm-4:00pm on 91.5FM in Windsor -Detroit; & Worldwide at

Die Badder Meinhoff Gruppe/Red Army Faction - IED
Die Badder Meinhoff Gruppe/Red Army Faction - LSD-25
The Peace Leeches - Dream Machine
The Flaming Lips - If I Only Had A Brain
Percee P & Aesop Rock - The Dirt & Filth
Robbie Fulks - I Like Being Left Alone
The Cancerbats - PMA Til' I'm DOA
Young and Sexy - Satelite
iNSiDEaMiND - Yellow, Orange and Red Lightning
Deerhoof - Fresh Born
Madlib - I Want it Back
Make Me Young - The Materialist
The Carps - All The Damn Kids
Tomcat Combat - Black Belt LA
Jake One - Get'er Done
Clark - Ache of The North
Billy Bragg - Something Happened
Gravemaker - Wreckage
Gravemaker - Dusk To Dawn
Murs - Everything
Stnnng - Grand island Neb

Downloads (Expiry Date: 11/05/08):
(Scroll Through The First 30 Minutes To Get To Productive Confusion)


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